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Graduation and CIMB Niaga Scholarship Award

February 6, 2012. CIMB Niaga held another ceremony marking the graduation of 42 scholarship beneficiaries of the class of 2007. Three highest-ranking students -- Alifian Taqwa Adrizal from Jambi, Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana of Surabaya and Puri Rahmawati from Yogyakarta -- each signed a scholarship award agreement to take a bachelor's degree at Universitas Malaya in Malaysia. 

The day started with Ms. Lydia Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director, delivering a message, followed by Mr. Ananto Kusuma Seta, Chief of Planning and Internal Cooperation Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, making a highly inspirational speech. "Our career is not decided by anyone else; it is ours to decide," Mr. Seta said.

The graduation procession was led by Ms. Tumbelaka with all graduating students called on stage to collect their certificates handed by the management of CIMB Niaga. At the end of the procession, Ari Prihartini, on behalf of all graduands, thanked CIMB Niaga in her speech and encouraged her fellow students to keep being creative and performing the best they could. She said, "Today is not the end of our journey; instead, it is the start of our life-long struggle to create and achieve many things and become a better person."  


The Complete Banker Consultation 

March 12, 2012. The Complete Banker (TCB) is a personal development initiative targeted at young and talented individuals, providing them with a comprehensive set of banking skills and knowledge required to make them competent CIMB Niaga ASEAN-oriented management trainees.

As part of CIMB Niaga Scholarship program, beneficiaries living in Jakarta were listed to take part in a consultation session on TCB, held on Monday, March 12, 2012, at Level M, Graha CIMB Niaga. 

Ms. Elvy Wati of The Complete Banker Development team presented detailed information on TCB. Her highly inspirational and motivational presentation really moved attendees to learn more about how to become a TCBian -- nickname for every participant of The Complete Banker program. In another session, Ms. Arviyati Wahyuningdyah - HR for TCB Recruitment - talked about The Complete Banker selection process. She clearly explained all of the program terms and conditions and gave tips on how to participate in the selection process.

Encouragement was also given by Hendriyadi, a Class of 2007 scholar. He said that innovation and creativity was key to leading a meaningful life. At the end of the day, all participants engaged in a photo shoot session.  


CIMB Niaga 2012 Scholarship Program Consultation and Road shows 

Mere distribution of scholarship funds is not what CIMB Niaga aims for; it opts to establish closer ties with its scholars, promoting a greater sense of ownership of CIMB Niaga's Scholarship Program among beneficiaries.

An effective way to realize this is by scheduling consultation sessions for the program participants. Following successful events in Jakarta and Bogor, similar sessions were held in six other major cities -- Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Medan -- between April 9 and 13, 2012. CIMB Niaga and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia took scholars to meet representatives from partner universities: Universitas Padjajaran, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Diponegoro, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember and Universitas Sumatera Utara. In these meetings, the organizing team introduced CIMB Niaga's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for 2012, and sought to establish and maintain good relationships with the tertiary education partners, a key stakeholder of CIMB Niaga. 

The consultation sessions and visits made part of CIMB Niaga's effort to achieve its vision of Building Lifetime Relationships -- maintaining sustainable ties among CIMB Niaga, its scholars, the Ministry of Education & Culture and the universities selected as partners for the administering of the bank's CSR programs.


"Assessment Camp" - Khazanah Asia Scholarship Program 2012

Under their current scholarship program, CIMB Niaga and Khazanah Foundation jointly offered Indonesian students the opportunity to further their higher education at selected universities in Malaysia and get their master's degrees. As part of the program, an Assessment Camp -- stage two of the Khazanah Asia 2012 Scholarship selection process -- was held from May 23 to 28 at Jakarta's Crowne Plaza Hotel. As many as 13 candidates enthusiastically partook a series of psychological tests, working group discussions and interviews to see if they would qualify for the next phase of the process. In a final interview, each candidate was required to deliver the best possible answers and arguments before two directors: Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, CIMB Niaga's Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director, and Tan Sri Dato' Azman Hashim, Managing Director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. 

"It gives me great pride to be here among other candidates for the Khazanah Asia Scholarship Program. This is such a rare opportunity, and I'm grateful I was shortlisted for the Assessment Camp in a series of selection processes before the most qualified would be announced as program scholars. The camp taught me many things: leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills and integrity. I got to meet other candidates of different backgrounds. We studied together and had to compete against each other to win the scholarships but could still keep our spirit of comradeship intact," said a program candidate, Absa Pradista.

General Lecture On Entrepreneurship Introduces 2012 CIMB Niaga “BUTIK Sholarship”

May 30, 2012
. In an effort to publicize its 'Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif' (BUTIK), an offering of scholarships for students intending to take courses on technological applications for creative industries, CIMB Niaga, working closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, organized a general lecture on how to create business opportunities and build dreams early on - 'Ciptakan Peluang Bisnis dan Bangun Impianmu dari Sekarang' at Jakarta's Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia. Attended by around 222 students, the event also attracted a number of academics of the university.

With a purpose of preparing entrepreneurs to have the ability to drive business entities to create many more young creative social entrepreneurs with the required spirit and energy to act as agents of changes who will focus on commercial and independence aspects of business and strike a balance between profitability and prosperity.

Speaking at the event were Florianus S. Nggagur, Mikro Laju Area Manager for the Greater Jakarta region; Rahman Abdillah Iskandar of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, and Putri Yunasfi, a student of UAI who has a printing house. CIMB Niaga also donated books on entrepreneurship to the university. Attendees included Gatot Subagio, Corporate Communication Head of CIMB Niaga; Dr. Ir. Ahmad H. Lubis, M.Sc., UAI Vice President for Student Affairs, Innovation and Cooperation; Hidayat Yorianta, Ph.D., UAI Director of Innovation and International Cooperation; and the university's deans and program heads.


English Course For Scholars

June 2, 2012 "Success lies in the preparation; without one, failure is guaranteed." The maxim applies to scholarship beneficiaries taking part in CIMB Niaga's The Complete Banker (TCB) selection stage. TCB is a management training initiative that requires candidates to be fully prepared with a focus on mastery of both verbal and written English language skills. As a regional bank, CIMB Niaga needs future leaders with comprehensive knowledge of banking and the ability to use English well. 

Taking place at the Manggarai branch of AIM for English, on Saturday, June 2, 2012, CIMB Niaga officially started its IELTS Preparation and Business Conversation classes for its scholars. The IELTS Preparation course aims at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge to help them qualify for TCB which requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.00, while the Business Conversation Class prepares them for making good business presentations and passing interview tests. It was expected that by taking these classes, many scholars could take part in TCB's selection stages without difficulties and eventually manage to make it to the list of the program's participants. CIMB Niaga's Scholarship Program has the commitment of taking beneficiaries in the right direction to come up with the best results.

2012 CIMB Niaga Annual Scholar Gathering 

September 7-9, 2012. A routine event organized jointly by CIMB Niaga and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the 2012 Annual Gathering themed ASEAN FOR YOU: Performing Best with CIMB Niaga was held for 3 days (September 7-9, 2012) at Bumi CIMB Niaga Learning Center in Gunung Geulis, Bogor, and attended by around 180 scholars studying in Indonesia and overseas.

A team-building session marked the start of the event, followed by a 'getting up close and personal' night when the scholars had a chance to Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, who represented CIMB Niaga's management, and Mr. A.B. Susanto from the Ministry. During the get-together, prizes were presented to lucky winners. 

On the second day, participants took part in self-motivation training and learned about social media basics. "I first came here expecting nothing, but after taking the self-motivation course, I am highly passionate of becoming a part of a successful and respectable generation," said Lely Purba, an USU Class 2011 student. On the third day, the scholars arranged a CSR 'A Million Book' project to donate books each of them brought to 3 primary schools nearby the Gunung Geulis Learning Center.


Scholarship For Young Entrepreneur Campaign

Without effective and intensive campaigns, information on CIMB Niaga scholarship programs may not reach all targeted stakeholders, yet CIMB Niaga intends to get as many of them as possible to take advantage of the available scholarship offers, including BUTIK CIMB Niaga -- scholarship for students intending to take courses on technological applications for creative industries -- a joint initiative between the bank and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. 

In an effort to widely publicize its programs, CIMB Niaga took part as sponsor partner in the Creative Economy Gathering held at BCFF Purnawarman on October 5, 2012. The event invited young entrepreneurs in Bandung to share their experience and ideas on the businesses they are engaged in. Being a sponsoring partner, CIMB Niaga saw the event as a chance to introduce its featured BUTIK, a program offering scholarships to any entrepreneur who is at least a fifth-semester college students and has been running an active enterprise for at least 6 months. CIMB Niaga hoped that the recent campaign would give stakeholders, particularly business owners in Bandung, an idea of what BUTIK CIMB Niaga is all about, and prepare those who are interested for the program's selection processes.


Unggulan - CIMB Niaga Scholarship Award

Jakarta, November 12, 2012. CIMB Niaga and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Beasiswa Unggulan CIMB Niaga 2012 Scholarship Award. Attending the ceremony were both organizations' high officials -- L. Wulan Tumbelaka, CIMB Niaga Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, and Prof. Ainun Na'im, Ph.D., Secretary General of the ministry -- and senior management members.  

In 2012, CIMB Niaga will award scholarships to 32 high-achieving students taking courses at 11 state universities in Indonesia to earn their bachelor's degrees. They will each receive living and personal development allowances, tuition fees, and a laptop. Under its new Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif (BUTIK), the bank offers to support the higher education study of 15 students taking bachelor's degree and vocational/polytechnic (three-year-diploma) courses. The scholarship beneficiaries run micro, small and medium businesses, and will receive tuition fees, living allowance and business capital. CIMB Niaga will also provide business training and counseling support: from finance management to solutions to optimizing the use of resources. Congratulations to all CIMB Niaga Beasiswa Unggulan scholars.


Titian Muhibah 2012 - Study Tour for CIMB Niaga Scholars

As a reward for students showing high academic and non-academic performance, CIMB Niaga took them on a study tour under its Titian Muhibah program, an initiative jointly administered by the bank and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. The tour took place from November 19 to 22, 2012, with participants visiting a number of organizations and various interesting tourist destinations in Malaysia and Singapore. A total of 24 scholarship beneficiaries were on the participant list: 11 Beasiswa Unggulan CIMB Niaga scholars; 9 recipients of Beasiswa Unggulan KEMDIKBUD; 1 scholar studying overseas for a bachelor's degree and 3 beneficiaries of Beasiswa CIMB Niaga Sampoerna Academy (scholarship offering for SMA Bali Mandara high school). 

CIMB Niaga scheduled them for the following Malaysian visits: CIMB Bank Malaysia, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia, and Air Asia office at the Low Cost Carrier Transport Airport (LCCT), Malaysia. In Singapore, the group were taken for official tours at: CIMB Bank Singapore and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Squeezed in the scholars' tightly scheduled company visits were city tours in Malaysia and Singapore. Various rides and performances at the Universal Studio Singapore added to their highly-prized experiences. See you until the next Titian Muhibah...




Banking Mini Lab Launch for UI Vocational Program

February 15, 2012. Consistent with its commitment to extending the partnership with the University of Indonesia that was instituted in 1989, CIMB Niaga opened its latest Banking Mini Lab on Level 2 of the Administration and Laboratory building of UI's Vocational Education Program (formerly Three-Year Diploma Program) in the Depok campus. Occupying an 8m-by-18m space, the new lab is larger than the old one located at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.  

The revamped Banking Mini Lab is also equipped with additional facilities and upgrades: latest hardware & software, new layout and design, and upgraded materials of study. While the lab previously offered a course for service frontliners only, it now has courses on back office/support administration and micro finance. All classes are taught by CIMB Niaga personnel. For students taking their final semester courses, access to internship programs at the bank is available.

A general lecture on 2012 Economic Outlook was given as part of the opening ceremony. The Banking Mini Laboratory was jointly opened by L. Wulan Tumbelaka, CIMB Niaga's Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director; Prof. Dr. der Soz Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, UI`s President; and Dr. Muhammad Hikam, M.Sc., Head of the Vocational Program.  

By setting up and running the new facility, CIMB Niaga hopes to make available a work force, a pool of talents who are reliable, highly-qualified and ready to join and make contribution to the banking industry. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop  

Corporate Affairs and Learning Capability Development teams held a workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Friday, April 20, 2012, at Level M of Graha CIMB Niaga. Enthusiastic personnel aspiring to learn more about CSR registered for admittance. The workshop opened with a presentation of CIMB Niaga CSR projects run in 2011 and an introduction of programs scheduled for 2012. Speaking at the first of the two opening sessions was Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director.


A speech was also delivered by Ms. Sri Hartina Urip, CIMB Niaga's Independent Commissioner, appreciating the well-prepared presentations. She shared her own experience when giving feedback and making her audience have better and comprehensive understanding of how CSR programs were run at CIMB Niaga. "CSR performance serves to complement a company's application of Good Corporate Governance principles," she said in her speech. She hoped that CIMB Niaga would continue to successfully run its CSR programs and enjoy their positive benefits.

Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia Students Visitation

May 11, 2012. On a bright Friday morning, Graha CIMB Niaga welcomed 42 students from Universitas Indonesia and two of their professors. These students are taking a banking management program at the university's school of economics. The young visitors were invited to participate in a knowledge-sharing session on "Treasury and Risk Management in Banking".  

Various topics were presented for further discussions: Introduction to CIMB Niaga by Winang Budoyo; Risk Management by Nanang N. Sumirat and Treasury by Eko Seputro. The visiting students also got to see the bank's dealing room and were in for a comprehensive brief on the facility's services and functions.


General Lecture On Entrepreneurship

As part of a campaign to further introduce its 'Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif' (BUTIK), an offering of scholarships for students intending to take courses on technological applications for creative industries, CIMB Niaga organized a general lecture on how to create business opportunities and build dreams early on - 'Ciptakan Peluang Bisnis dan Bangun Impianmu dari Sekarang' - at 3 universities: Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (June 8, 2012), Politeknik Negeri Jember (June 11, 2012) and Universitas Merdeka Madiun (June 12, 2012).  

A vehicle to make young entrepreneurs out of students, the event saw CIMB Niaga's Mikro Laju team discussing "What Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed" and "Tips for Micro Businesses on How to Apply for Bankable Loans". Following the presentations, attending students were invited to join a session where local entrepreneurs shared their experiences in business. This was when the students learned to keep their spirit of entrepreneurship growing from the success stories of business owners: how they started their own companies from scratch and grew them to become what they have now. The CIMB Niaga team also donated books on entrepreneurship to the university administrations.

Seen among students were senior managers of CIMB Niaga operations in Yogyakarta, Madiun and Jember, as well as high officials and administrators of the universities.  


CIMB Niaga Opens Gugeul Mini Banking Laboratory 

July 13, 2012. After relocating its mini banking lab to Universitas Indonesia's Vocational Program Building in Depok in February 2012, CIMB Niaga opened its second mini banking lab located at its Learning Centre in Gunung Geulis, Bogor.

The more spacious LC Gugeul lab features a total of 54 PC's and a Teller Counter Simulator equipped with facilities to replicate a true branch office: a complete set of ATM, CDM (cash deposit machine), standing CIMB Clicks computer, cash counting machine, finger scanner, cash detector and PIN pad. With the additional and upgraded hardware and software and revised training materials, the new lab will serve to complement the classroom activities. While previously trainees could only take in-class courses, they will now be engaged in simulated customer services to familiarize them with real banking operations in a real branch office. Supporting the operation of the mini lab are CIMB Niaga's own employees, contributing their time and labor as members of the teaching staff, training module designers, information technology specialists and infrastructure design layout experts. 

The long-awaited mini banking lab will play a major role in the upcoming "Sahabat CIMB Niaga" (Friends of CIMB Niaga), a teller internship program run as part of the initiative to improve the quality of the company's personnel. The key aspects of planning, organization, implementation, control and monitoring of the program are to be highly-prioritized so as to supply a competent workforce and provide a pool of qualified and ready-for-the-job banking talents.


UI's School Of Economics Students Learn All About Treasury & Islamic Banking

 Unknown, unloved...  

December 10, 2012. This saying applies beautifully to students of the Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia (FEUI) taking Banking Management courses. Contributing to FEUI's banking management program, and in an effort to introduce CIMB Niaga to the students, the management of CIMB Niaga welcomed 20 FEUI students and two of their professors. The young visitors were invited to participate in a knowledge-sharing session on Treasury and Syariah Banking. They even got to see the bank's Treasury dealing room and were in for comprehensive briefs on its services and functions from Eko Seputro of Treasury Corporate Sales, and Aulia Mochtar, Funding & Liquidity Management Head.  

Various topics were presented for further discussions: Introduction to CIMB Niaga by Winang Budoyo; Treasury by Eko Seputro; and Islamic Banking by Ulil Amri. The visit was expected to help add more talents to Indonesia's pool of competent bankers.  



Teacher Seminar In West Sumatera

January 22, 2012. Some 150 teachers taking part in the Community-Based Teacher's Training and Development Program that involved seven (7) state primary schools in the province of West Sumatera attended a seminar on Classroom Action organized by Institute for the Improvement of Quality of Education -- an agency set up and run by the State University of Padang. Serving as an opportunity for the group to learn how to prepare and work on scientific papers, the seminar was officially opened by Irwan Prayitno, governor of West Sumatera.  

The training aimed to upgrade the teachers' competence in turning ideas into a well-written paper, as mandated by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. A business entity concerned with education of the people, CIMB Niaga has a firmly-held commitment of providing not only physical support but also required soft skills.

Also attending the seminar were CIMB Niaga's Padang branch office manager and a number of local officials: Dian Wijaya, the region's Educational Service Office, and Syafri Anwar, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the State University of Padang.  


CIMB Junior Golf Development Programmme 2012

April 20, 2012. CIMB Junior Golf Development Program, an event linked to the CIMB Niaga Indonesia Masters 2012, invited Indonesian junior players to practice and hone their skills in golf, one of the world's prestigious games. The participating young golfers got to meet an international golfing hero, Lee Westwood.  

Held on Friday, April 20, 2012, at the Royal Jakarta Golf Club as part of the CIMB Niaga Indonesia Masters, an event proudly presented by CIMB Niaga and PNTS, a golf clinic attracted the attention of many participating players. Making up a pillar of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategies of both CIMB Foundation and CIMB Niaga, the program offered knowledge beneficial to young golfers who dreamed of becoming an idol of the world of golf like Lee Westwood.


A Million Book Program In Olympi CIMB Indonesia

September 9, 2012. Inspired by the spirit of CIMB Olympi Indonesia, All for One, One for All, the CSR team of CIMB Niaga once again invited the bank's internal and external customers to participate in a humanity program with the final aim of achieving success. Events run in the program series included organization of a bazaar on Monday, September 9, 2012, for CIMB Niaga's CSR partners and Mikro Lanjut clients; 'Million Book' initiative donating books to Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia (YKAI) and Rumah Baca Harapan Sahabat Pulau; and donation of educational facilities to SD Tanwirul Islam in Simprug, South Jakarta, delivered by a team of CIMB Niaga Cyclists. 

For the routine 'Million Book' project, CIMB Niaga's employees collected books on science to be later donated to social organizations showing concerns about education. The initiative aims to help children to start a reading habit as early as possible, and support the government's program of wiping out illiteracy in Indonesia. The program managed to collect a total of 2,409 scientific books. 


Educational Aid for "Sekolah Darurat Kartini"

August 13, 2012. Every citizen has the right to education as stipulated in Article 31 Paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution. Education makes up the foundation of the nation, and helps the people to gain higher status. Unfortunately, good education is not something that children of the Sekolah Darurat Kartini (Kartini Temporary School), an establishment set up under Ancol's Lodan Raya overpass, can fully enjoy. 

Concerned with the school's operations, CIMB Niaga donated uniforms and learning & teaching facilities including globe replicas and Indonesian wall maps with a total value of Rp 22,000,000. All donated items were symbolically handed to the twin behind the idea of Sekolah Darurat Kartini: Ibu Sri Rosiati (Rossy) and Ibu Sri Irianingsih (Ryan), on Monday, August 13, 2012, at an education expo organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Plaza Senayan where the school was listed as a participating institution.

CIMB Niaga expected that the donation would help Sekolah Darurat Kartini to consistently support its students, all of them street children, to allow them to experience decent education.  


Educational Support for People Of Dayeuh Kolot, Bandung 

October 18, 2012 -- In collaboration with Lions Club Bandung Chapter, CIMB Niaga supported the local garment industry, supplying dressmaking equipment and facilities including sewing and overcast stitching machines, mannequins and other tools, to Yayasan Buana Mekar, organizer of a center for community learning for low-income people living in Dayeuh Kolot, Bandung.

Buana Mekar learning center offers a number of informal education courses or skill development classes: carpentry (furniture-making), cooking and computer use. Mastering skills through informal education will ensure that economically-disadvantaged people have the power and capacity to improve their lives. 

With the provision of the machines and facilities, CIMB Niaga hoped to see the emergence of many successful clothing businesses in Dayeuh Kolot, Bandung.


Rumah Baca Harapan - Maros, Makassar

Rumah Baca Harapan in Maros, Makassar, is a home of learning that brings hope to those under its wing. It allows them to study and shape their hopes and dreams, empowering them to fulfill these hopes and reach the dreams with hard work. The distant location cannot keep them from coming to this place to study; it will not put out their passion for learning. 

The center is a result of a project initiated by members of the association of graduates and beneficiaries of CIMB Niaga scholarship program -- Ikatan Alumni Penerima Beasiswa CIMB Niaga (IAPB). Its purpose is to prepare Indonesian young generations who are keen on learning to embrace progress and development. On December 22, 2012, a team from CIMB Niaga's Program Sejuta Buku (A Million Book program) made a visit to Rumah Baca Harapan to donate books and share knowledge, happiness and motivation with those from remote regions, and help to boost their pride and self-respect so that one day they would become individuals of great achievements to benefit the nation.

CIMB Niaga hoped that they would keep their learning spirit and persistence intact to ensure that they would soar and perform the best they could for a bright future. 


Rumah Baca Harapan Semarang Launched 

CIMB Niaga offered support for the official opening of Semarang's Rumah Baca Harapan on December 30, 2012. Attending the launching ceremony was a Beasiswa Unggulan CIMB Niaga scholar who studied at Universitas Diponegoro and who is also member of the Ikatan Alumni Penerima Beasiswa CIMB Niaga, Hendriyadi, Chairman of Indonesia Youth Education.

A modest yet solemn ceremony marked the opening, started with attendees singing the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya, followed by a tumpeng-cutting to symbolize that the center, which is located in the village of Gayamsari in Semarang, was now open to the public. Children guests were then invited to take part in various games to motivate them to make the best use of the facility. There were also a coloring contest for first, second and third graders and a writing competition for children in fourth, fifth and sixth grades. They enjoyed all the activities; there were no winners or losers because all competitions served only to sharpen their creativity. 

CIMB Niaga expected that the learning center would benefit as many children as possible in Gayamsari, Semarang.



 Accountability Report on 2011 AMDB Program  

January 12, 2012. As part of its 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' (Let's Save and Share) program, CIMB Niaga presented an accountability report in a special event held at Graha CIMB Niaga, Level M, and attended also by representatives from several primary schools in Jakarta.

A dance performance by children from SD Pondok Labu Pagi marked the opening session of the day followed by a speech by Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director. The 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' Accountability Report covered projects run under the program, including road shows and junior camps, in five (5) major cities in the country: Greater Jakarta region, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan. CIMB Niaga also reported the amount of charity funds transferred by the public to its 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' account -- by December 31, 2011, some Rp 56,853,881.19 had been raised. Making up the total to Rp 100,000,000, the bank donated it to Indonesia Heritage Foundation for the construction of four (4) 'Semai Benih Bangsa' schools they administer.  

Signing of an agreement between CIMB Niaga and Indonesia Heritage Foundation marked the handover of the money raised during the campaign. CIMB Niaga was represented by Mr. Agung Ari Wibowo, Acting Corporate Communication Head, and Ms. Susy Hermanses, Community Relations Head. Dr. Ratna Megawangi, Chairman of Indonesia Heritage Foundation, signed the agreement on behalf of her organization, witnessed by Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director.


AMDB Publicity Campaign at Galaxy Mall in Surabaya

January 20-22, 2012. As part of the launch of its Tabungan Junior Debit Card, CIMB Niaga introduced to the local market its 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' Campaign in an event held at Surabaya's Galaxy Mall. 

A new design of the Tabungan Junior debit card took center stage of the campaign, but another session also played a role no less important: the presentation of educational support to economically-disadvantaged fatherless of motherless children who were high-achievers at school. A total of Rp 10 million was awarded to 10 selected beneficiaries. When these children grow up and have their own money, they are be expected to become individuals who would willingly set aside a small portion of what they make to be given to their peers who are less fortunate.

The presentation clearly showed CIMB Niaga's commitment to sharing with others the value of education.  We can share with people around us anything -- whatever we have is worth sharing. So Let's Save and Share.


AMDB Program Introduced at CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters Charity Gala Dinner

CIMB Niaga, the title sponsor of an international golf tournament, CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters 2012, is committed to consistently promote the empowerment of people through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. An opportunity to help the cause came when the CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters 2012 Charity Gala Dinner was held on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta -- it was time to combine the spirit of golf and the concern for disadvantaged people for the best interests of all. 

As a result, the money raised at the Gala Dinner made possible for CIMB Niaga and its partner, Habitat for Humanity, to construct fourteen (14) more houses for low-income families in Indonesia. The program confirmed a larger number of units to be built: last year's event managed to raise funds for 11 homes -- an achievement to be proud of.

CIMB Niaga also set up a booth where its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects were communicated to the gala invited guests with emphasis on the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' program. The bank managed to raise a total of Rp 700,000 to be later deposited in its 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' special account. Future disbursements of the fund will be for initiatives to promote the education and character building of the children of Indonesia. 


CIMB Niaga Opens CSR Booth at National Bowling Interbank Championship

 No matter who we are, where we come from, and when and where we live now, sharing will always be the best thing to do to help those who are less fortunate than us. It was exactly this that CIMB Niaga did when it organized the National Bowling Interbank Championship at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center in Jakarta, on June 2-3, where bowlers from 17 banks in Indonesia competed for a title. The bank's CSR team encouraged spectators of the games to share what they have for the needy. 

And it has always been this spirit that keeps members of the team going and raising funds wherever and whenever they can through the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' initiative. In two days of the event, the team managed to collect Rp 685,000, making the total of fund deposited in the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' account come to a handsome Rp 86,180,501 (eighty six million one hundred eighty thousand five hundred and one rupiah). May the spirit of sharing be always in us for one single purpose: reaching out and benefitting as many people as possible in Indonesia.


Fund Raising of AMDB Program At Budget Review Meeting

June 21-22, 2012. CIMB Niaga held another Budget Review Meeting at JW Marriot Jakarta Hotel attended by members of the bank's top management. Key to corporate success, the meeting planned and evaluated strategic actions in the effort to achieve the company's vision of becoming a trusted bank in Indonesia. 

Another equally important issue also made it to the meeting agenda: CIMB Niaga CSR team's 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' (AMDB) program. Those involved in the meeting were invited to contribute to the fund-raising initiative. The team also introduced to high officials in attendance various jewelry boxes assembled by small and medium enterprises. These SME's took part in the "50 Super Days" project -- 50 days of counseling with CIMB Niaga scholars giving back to the community by providing marketing-, accounting- and management-related services to entrepreneurs engaged in jewelry box manufacturing businesses. The team made a total of Rp 1,927,000 from the sales of the SME products and the fund-raising session. The money was deposited to the AMDB account which now had a balance of Rp 97,377,501.

Members of the CSR team thanked members of CIMB Niaga senior management; their 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' donations will certainly benefit others in need.  


Introducing CIMB Niaga CSR Programs at IBEX 2012 

June 27 - July 1, 2012. Held from June 27 to July 1, 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia Banking Expo 2012 (IBEX 2012) managed to attract many visitors.

CIMB Niaga saw the event as an opportunity to actively introducing a number of its products and several of its key Corporate Social Responsibility programs: 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' (AMDB) and CIMB Niaga Community Link. AMDB invited IBEX 2012 visitors to contribute to a fund-raising initiative. The other program, Community Link, presented three of CIMB Niaga-supported charity partners: Rumah Gemilang Indonesia, Wangsa Jelita and Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa. At the banking event, the team collected a total of Rp 1,033,500, bringing the AMDB account balance up to Rp 98,407,001. 

On Sunday, July 1, 2012, the final day of IBEX 2012, CIMB Niaga scheduled a talk show on "CIMB Niaga Scholarship Scheme". Moderated by Mr. Gatot Subagio, Corporate Communications Head, the show featured the following speakers: Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs and Legal Director; Mr. Ananto Kusuma Seta, Head of Planning and International Cooperation Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture; and Filzah Hanum Syazwina, a CIMB Niaga scholarship beneficiary and a student of Institut Pertanian Bogor.


AMDB Program 2012 Re-Launched

July 25, 2012. Another event in the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' series was held by CIMB Niaga in 2012. At Yasporbi primary school in Pancoran, South Jakarta, the CSR team organized a number of related activities including the Kit for Kids and a talkshow, presenting local bloggers and public figures who have concerns for children's education: Ratih Ibrahim, Ainun Chomsun (Akademi Berbagi), Ida Amal (Indonesia Berkebun) and Dik Doank. Speakers at the show shared the same message, i.e. the importance of saving and sharing in shaping socially-conscious characters.  

L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director of CIMB Niaga, said that the program reflected her company's commitment to consistently assume its corporate social responsibilities, particularly in the promotion of education. This is the second year of the organization of the project; the first ended in December 2011.

CIMB Niaga's 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' was also in line with a program by Bank Indonesia (BI), i.e. Hari RaBu (short for Hari Rajin Menabung -- Save Money Every Day), an initiative to promote the 'save money' movement among the public. Active participation of the banking industry is expected to bring people closer to banks and encourage them to save more money. 

Concluding the AMDB relaunch, door prizes were drawn and tanjung tree seedlings handed over to the management of SD Yasporbi for later planting. The greening initiative symbolized CIMB Niaga's commitment to benefit people through education.


Learn and Play With Kit for Kids

July 25, 2012. Every child, without exception, has the right to play and learn, and the Indonesian government has the obligation to provide spaces for Indonesian children to create, play, socialize and learn through all media and facilities available. A school functions as a second home for children and a medium or facility where positive character qualities are taught, shaping them to be intelligent individuals who are prepared to serve their country well. And CIMB Niaga realizes that a place suitable for imparting values to children is an institution we call school.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012, was the day picked by CIMB Niaga to get the children at SD Yasporbi Jakarta to learn great values through the Kit for Kids initiative in the 2012 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' campaign series. The young ones were involved in a story-telling session aimed at making them aware of the importance of saving and sharing at school. They were then taken to a prepared site where they could play with plants and soil in a joint tree-planting activity. Around 200 fourth, fifth and sixth graders enthusiastically take part in all steps of the Kit for Kids session.

CIMB Niaga expected the Kit for Kids program to help children to realize the positive values of saving and sharing, and apply what they have learned in their daily routines - at school, at home and in the society.  


 Kit For Kids at 7 Primary Schools In Greater Jakarta Region 

July 25 - September 10, 2012. Following the relaunch of the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' for 2012 featuring a Talkshow and Kit for Kids at SD Yasporbi in Pancoran, CIMB Niaga scheduled another Kit for Kids to take place at 7 primary schools in the Greater Jakarta region: SDK Penabur Kelapa Gading, SDK Penabur Kota Modern Tangerang, SD Tarakanita 3 Kebayoran Lama, SD Tarakanita 5 Rawamangun, SD Mentari International Bintaro, SD Global Prestasi School Bekasi and SD Victory Plus.

With an agenda similar to last year's, Kit for Kids took around 150 children from each school to play an active role in the story-telling, tree-planting and fund-raising sessions. They managed to gather hundreds of used but still wearable clothing items and books, and raised some money. The collected clothes, books and money were then symbolically handed by a pair on behalf of the group, accompanied by a teacher, to CIMB Niaga representatives. 

As a way of showing that it also cares for the environment, CIMB Niaga donated to each school tree seedlings. The children were expected to nurture the young plants to grow into strong and big shady trees to contribute to their school's green environments.


Kit for Kids 2012 Bandung Campaign

September 27, 2012. As the previous 2012 campaigns for the Jabotabek regions proved to be successful, another round of Kit for Kids was planned in two primary schools in Bandung -- SD Yos Sudarso and SD Al Azhar 30 Bandung. Both schools' administrators and teachers and hundreds of schoolchildren enthusiastically welcomed the team from CIMB Niaga. 

The visits took place on Thursday, September 27, 2012. The first on the list was SD Yos Sudarso; around 150 pupils and their teachers were very happy to get their hands on the Kits for Kids and start planting trees. When the work at SD Yos Sudarso was done, the team went to SD Al Azhar 30 Bandung to find 183 schoolboys and schoolgirls impatiently waiting to enjoy the day together. In the story-telling session, the children were invited to take part in a treasure hunt role play where they learned about the concept of saving and sharing. Afterwards they joined the team for a tree-planting session. Students ready for work wearing aprons offered a different and refreshing sight.

During the fund-raising parts of the Bandung visits, CIMB Niaga collected a total of Rp 1,542,000. We thank you all, big-hearted boys and girls... we will use the money to help other children who are less fortunate than us. Let's keep saving and sharing. 


Fund-Raising at University Of Indonesia

CIMB Niaga's Kit for Kids initiative in the series of the 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' (AMDB) program targets not only schoolchildren but also university students. The bank had the opportunity to introduce AMDB to the academic circles when it was invited to take part in Pekan Beasiswa UI, a forum for students of Universitas Indonesia to seek scholarships, held from October 2 to 3, 2012, at the university's Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. 

CIMB Niaga also made a presentation on its Beasiswa Unggulan (scholarship for high-achievers) and Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif CIMB (scholarship for students intending to take courses on technological applications for creative industries). As part of the AMDB campaign, students were informed of the beautiful concept of saving and sharing, and invited to apply the concept on the spot. The team managed to raise a total of Rp 102,900 during the whole event, and the money would go to the AMDB account for use in character building and improvement projects in Indonesia. CIMB Niaga expected that its participation in the UI scholarship week would help students to relive and embrace the culture of sharing with others.


Kit for Kids 2012 Semarang and Yogyakarta Campaigns

After two previous series of successful campaigns in Jabodetabek and Bandung, Kit for Kids once again reached out to nature-loving children; this time, the team from CIMB Niaga came to SDI An Nisaa and SD Marsudirini in Semarang, and SDI Al Azhar 31 and SD Budi Mulya Dua in Yogyakarta on October 30 and 31, 2012. Around 642 young Kit for Kids participants from the listed schools enjoyed all activities: a story about the goodness of saving and sharing brought to them by an attractive storyteller, fund-raising session involving all children and planting trees with their teachers in their schoolyards.  

A total of Rp 4,642,400 was collected, and the money would go into the AMDB account and be used for organizing personal skill development courses aimed at early childhood education teachers all over Indonesia.

The distribution of kemuning tree seedlings by CIMB Niaga to all participating schools symbolized a hope that these institutions, with their quality education, would be long remembered as the lasting sweet-smelling fragrant of kemuning would in people's mind. The trees also imply CIMB Niaga's commitment to the environment, and the children were expected to nurture them to ensure that these plants will in time provide shade and greeneries. 


Children in Surabaya Take Part in 2012 Kit For Kids

A song popular among kids, 'Di Sini Senang di Sana Senang', heightened the spirit of SD Santo Carolus Surabaya and SD Santa Maria 2 Sidoarjo schoolchildren when CIMB Niaga team visited them during the Kit for Kids Surabaya campaign, taking place from December 10 to 10, 2012. Sung together when the team told them stories, the tune seemed to perfectly brightened up the day and brought greater warmth and joy. 

The children were also encouraged to donate their money, and the results were fantastic: SD Santo Carolus managed to raise Rp 830,000, while SD Santa Maria II Sidoarjo collected Rp 1,532,000. The amount of money that they gave for others -- Rp 2,362,000 -- showed that they cared and were aware that many children out there need their helping hands in order to be able to keep going to school and study. All the raised funds would go to the special 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' account and be used for the effort to promote education in Indonesia.

Kit for Kids Surabaya concluded with a joint tree-planting session at each school, and the children were full of enthusiasm when they joined the team in all stages of planting: from tilling the soil to planting the seedlings. Showing that CIMB Niaga and the participating institutions and children really cared for the environment, they took a step further and greened areas outside their schools. 

Kit for Kids Medan: Motivation to Share

December 18, 2012. 'Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' is a program to motivate children to save money and share it under the Kit for Kids scheme. Taking place in Medan on December 18, 2012, the initiative held high the spirit of the schoolchildren of SD Harapan 1, 2 and 3 to learn to share with their less-fortunate peers. 

"Many children out there have lost the opportunity to learn at school; others who are slightly luckier have to take a really long route to get to their schools. So, to help these kids, let's set aside some of our money for those in need, and donate it to CIMB Niaga's AMDB program," encouraged Perlindungan Lubis, principal of SD Harapan 1 and 2 in Medan.

His message, and an AMDB video showing Indonesia's education, opened his children's eyes to the fact that it is important to share what they have. And in a fund-raising session that followed, a total of Rp 1,429,200 was collected for use in a character-buillding initiative involving Indonesian children. 

The program's agenda covered story-telling and tree-planting sessions with a purpose of teaching the children the importance of growing plants for environmental preservation in Indonesia. CIMB Niaga thanks all the lovely and caring children, and hopes that what they donated would benefit many people.


Kit for Kids Malang: A Cool City of Malang Welcome

Joy, happiness and laughter filled the air when CIMB Niaga invited schoolchildren of SD Negeri 1 Kauman and SD Islam Sabilillah in Malang to participate in the Kit for Kids projects. CIMB Niaga expected to see all participating children enjoying the sessions so that cheers and laughter would make them see life as positively meaningful. 

Gift presentation, interactive story-telling and tree planting kept them in high spirit and happily absorbed in all activities. With enthusiasm and warmth they met the Kit for Kids team members who then engaged them in various games, and in sessions where they sang songs together and donated money for others. Even the sharing part of the event brought joy to them because they were aware that what they shared would benefit less-fortunate children.

 A total of Rp 445,500 was collected; however, no matter how small or big the contribution they made, it showed that they cared and it was their best gift to others.  

Thank you, little friends...





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