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Indonesia Green Awards 2012

June 10, 2012. 'Warrior of the Earth' is an appropriate title to be given to winners of the Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2012 because each of them deserved it and had proven themselves to be one. Chaerudin (Bang Idin), the caretaker of Pesanggrahan River, and Erni Suhaina, a recycled product business owner, are few of today's warriors of the earth who truly dedicate themselves in the noble efforts to save our beloved planet.

The Green Banking award received by CIMB Niaga at the 2012 IGA at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski reflected how well the bank has been practicing green banking in it business and operations. The company deserved the award for its compliance with the policy of extending loans only to entities showing high regards of the environment. Internally, CIMB Niaga has successfully reduced its consumption of energy and water, recovered still-usable items and recycled wastes. The award was handed by M.S. Hidayat, Indonesian Minister of Industry, to Gatot Subagio.

On that particular day, CIMB Niaga also participated in the award expo in order to inform the public of its CSR programs. Working with KEHATI Foundation, CIMB Niaga showed its concern about the preservation of Indonesia's biodiversity by introducing products made of processed locally-sourced materials.


Social Business Innovation Award 2012

July 31, 2012. CIMB Niaga's relentless effort to run various social responsibility initiatives gained recognition from Warta Ekonomi Magazine in the Social Business Innovation Awards 2012. In Jakarta (7/31) at JW Marriott Hotel, Ms. L. Wulan Tumbelaka, Compliance, Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, received the 'Banking Human Capital Education' award on behalf of CIMB Niaga's management.

Recognized for its ability to devise innovative ways in their social business performance, the fifth largest bank in Indonesia has several SR programs which focus on the development and empowerment of people through education.

CIMB Niaga's praised innovations include the Program Beasiswa Unggulan CIMB Niaga or Scholarship for High-Achievers. For the program, the bank works with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, offering paid higher education for youths with high academic and non-academic performance who come from low-income families. It aims at improving the quality of the nation's human resources in support of development acceleration, technological innovation promotion and educational quality enhancement. Taking the initiative to the next level, the Ministry and CIMB Niaga introduced the bank's new innovative breakthrough: Program Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif (BUTIK), an offering of scholarships for students who have their own micro-, small- and medium-scale businesses that are built and developed based on the concept of eco-social entrepreneurship.


CIMB Niaga Received ISRA Award 2012

How can you measure something if you can’t count it?

December 3, 2012. The line above may be a cliché or it may even sound weird, but in the line of work, it fittingly applies since a report of any program or project serves to be the basis for review to determine whether or not the project or program succeeds.

In other words, a company needs a sustainability report to disclose information to its stakeholders, and to refer to in deciding if its CSR programs have been properly run and in trying to improve them.

Helping businesses dealing with the issue, an award-presentation event has been organized to appreciate companies striving hard to engage in sustainable development practices. Early in 2012, CIMB Niaga published its first sustainability report: Sustainable Development Report 2011. In recognition of this effort, the National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) presented the bank with the Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Award (ISRA) for Commendation for the First Time Sustainability Report category, handed by Mr. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja to Mr. Harsya Denny Suryo, CIMB Niaga's Head of Corporate Affairs, at Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta.

The first meaningful step for CIMB Niaga, the publication of the report is expected to improve its CSR projects in the future.


CIMB Niaga Named the Best Bank in 2012 For Corporate Social Responsibility

December 17, 2012. On top of the list for six categories in the Anugerah Perbankan Indonesia (Indonesia Banking Awards) 2012, CIMB Niaga was named The Best Bank 2012 in Corporate Social Responsibility for the category of commercial bank with an asset total of over Rp100 trillion.  

This reflected recognition for the performance and hard work in running numerous CSR projects in the effort to establish sustainable relationships with its stakeholders and give them added value.

Jointly administered by Business Review Magazine, Woman Review Magazine and PERBANAS Institute, Anugerah Perbankan Indonesia is one of the most prestigious credentials an Indonesian bank or a locally-operating bank's CEO could get. It rewards Indonesian banks and their CEO's considered to successfully report higher performance and give significant contributions to the development of business, capital market, investment and economy in Indonesia.

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